Immersion Seminar in Brussels

The three-days seminar in Brussels is planned to strengthen the students' theoretical knowledge of European Institutions: the European Parliament, the European Commission and when it's possible the European Union Council. It completes the course of Unit 1, the visit of the European Institutions is completed by lectures, which are given by experts and civil servants from the European Union.

The visit of the Parliament gives the opportunity also to know better how this institution works and sometimes to assist to a Parliament session. Finally, the Role Play Game in the Parlementarium simulates the process to adopt a European directive in “co decision” and gives the opportunity to understand better the respective making decision process of the Parlement and the European Council.

In brief: the main aims of the immersion seminar are:

  • To give deeper knowledge of three main institutions involved in European decision-process.

  • To meet civil servants in working situation and to discuss with them.

  • To get European knowledge and to discuss about main current European events.

Immersion Seminar

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