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Lille is the centre of an urban area, of more than one million inhabitants, situated in North of France, next to the Belgian border. Lille is well connected with European metropolis, so by TGV you are in Brussels for half an hour, in Paris for an hour and in London for hour and half. It is an academic centre with more than 100 000 students distributed among four universities. The University of Sciences and Technologies (USTL - Lille1) is a large scientific university, with more then 19000 students, with important department of economics and management with more then 2 000 students. University is situated in Villeneuve d'Ascq, area very well connected by metro with centre of Lille.


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Some pictures from our campus

The metro station "Cité Scientifique"The Barrois restaurant (RU)The SH3 building (coming from RU)The SH3 buildingThe library

Some pictures from Lille

L'Hospice GantoisLa Porte de ParisLa Préfecture

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