Because it is a multidisciplinary training, the Master's degree prepares for jobs in private or public enterprises in all sectors of the industry or public life.

In this possibility is added the wide panel of jobs created every year in Europe and in the world when you have a specialization European Affairs.

Here are more specific examples:

Management of European Affairs (MEA)

  • Project managers, technical advisors or officers in various types of administrations (European, national, or local authorities), development agencies, chambers of commerce or specialized consultancies;

  • Managers or Experts in European Affairs, Managers in charge of the European Area (Commerce, marketing, strategic development, etc.);

  • Experts in financial constructions, Project leaders on European research contracts, Project managers in various European Cooperation Programs (for example INTERREG);

  • Consultants, Negotiators or Lobbyists in specialized firms including international institutions and non-governmental organizations.

European Economics and Political Affairs (EEPA) prepares students to job requiring some knowledge in political sciences such as:

  • Persons in charge of Strategy in various Administrations, Industrial Companies or Chambers of Commerce

  • Advisers in European Affairs in Political Organizations and Institutions, Embassy Attaché, Secretary of Minister's Private Office

  • Parliamentary Assistants in local or international Institutions assistant

  • Heads of Economic or Trade Office at various types of institutions at national (Trade Unions, Political Parties), transnational (Industrial Clusters) or international institutions (NGO).

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